John Aardvark has a problem.  He's built a successful business, but he feels stuck.  His company hasn't grown, and for years he's made a living but not much more.


His wife wants a vacation, his son wants to be left alone, and his daughter might be his salvation, but she's young.  Take a journey with the Aardvark family as they learn what it takes to create a personally and economically sustainable business and maybe heal family problems that have been just under the surface.

I’ve learned that Josh is one of the few advisors in the private business world who understands what drives value in a private business.  You would do well to read this book and apply its message.

 Rob Slee, Author Time Really is Money

This is not your normal business book. Much of it reads like a novel, with real people, and real problems, presented as they occur in the real world.

Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software and well-known business blogger